Every dancer receives an Individual Award. Rhythm believes in giving back!

Each class, Novice, Performance and Advanced compete for Overall Awards within their own class. (Student Choreography is combined with Advanced)

Every dancer receives a lanyard with a Rhythm Dance medal. All classes, Novice, Performance or Advanced who place in the top 4 in the category will receive a pin to attach to their lanyard to acknowledge their placing. In categories, greater than 4 dances, we present a star recognition button to acknowledge the score achieved in that dance. All dancers will go home with 1 lanyard and medal with pins attached signifying their showing at Rhythm that weekend.

Special Awards are done at each awards session (5-6 times daily). This season, in addition to our Choreography and Judge’s Choice awards (including a gift card) at every session all weekend, we will present HIGH SCORE of the session!

Overall Awards (presented when the category is final. We have too much respect for your time to make you wait until the last day for the overalls to be presented) Rhythm Dance honours all ties, except with the Rhythm Cups, Super Star and Rhythm Rookie.

Overall Awards and cash scholarships are subject to change based on the number of entries received each weekend. The number of scholarships awarded to Solos, Duet/Trios, Quartets/Groups/Lines in Novice, Performance and Advanced are based on a ratio gridSome categories may be combined for Overalls or Trophy/Cup Awards dependent on numbers. Production qualifies for their own award.  

(Scholarship amounts may vary based on number of quartets, small/ large groups, and line entries)

NOVICE – Rhythm Rookie Trophy & cash scholarship* 
(A minimum number of group entries are required or the Rookie award will be presented to the highest scoring Novice routine)

PERFORMANCE: highest scoring Quartet, Small/Large Group or Line
Mini/Jr Super Star Trophy & cash scholarship*
Inter/Sr Super Star Trophy & cash scholarship*

ADVANCED: highest scoring Quartet, Small/Large Group or Line
Mini Rhythm Cup & $500.00 cash scholarship* (Ages 4-8)

Junior Rhythm Cup & $1000.00 cash scholarship* (Ages 9 – 11)

Intermediate Rhythm Cup & $1000.00 cash scholarship*
(Ages 12, 13, 14)

Senior Rhythm Cup & $1000.00 cash scholarship* (Ages 15 & over)

*Ties for Rookie, Super Star and Rhythm Cups will be broken by judges.

PRODUCTION: High Score – Cash Scholarship
(Production score does not qualify for Cups or Studio of the Weekend) 

Outstanding Choreography for the Weekend: 
Novice Class
Performance Class: Mini/Jr & Inter/Sr
Advanced Class – Mini, Junior, Intermediate and Senior

High Score of the Day – Award & Gift Card

High Score of the Weekend, for Individual Dance Forms
Award & Scholarship (Dependent on number of Entries)

RHYTHM STUDIO OF THE WEEKEND: has NO entry fee to qualify! Scores are taken from Novice, Performance & Advanced Class (Production does not qualify)

1ST Place: Banner & Cash Scholarship
2ND Place: Cash Scholarship
3RD Place: Cash Scholarship
(dependent on number of qualifying studios)