Novice: Solo, Duet/Trio – all age categories – may have competed previously in a group or line but not a solo or duet or trio. Quartet, group or line must be 75% novice. Performance: Dancers who train 6 hours or less/week. Advanced: Dancers who train more than 6 hours/week. Student Choreography: An Intermediate or Senior Advanced level dancer competing in any category that was choreographed by the student without any assistance from studio faculty or freelance choreographers.   Students entered in this class will be at the discretion of the studio director. Adult: A dancer over 19 years of age, and defined as a recreational/amateur dancer. This classification has been created to accommodate the growing trend of moms and dads entering competition. Groups must be 75% adult. This category is not eligible for the overall awards. Pro-Am: For numbers whose dancers earn 50% or more of their annual income from performing or teaching dance.

A maximum of 2 gymnastics or acrobatic tricks are allowed in any of the dance forms listed below. We classify an acro trick as a movement where the hips pass over the head. A continuous line is 1 trick. This is permissible if used to get into or out of a lift.
Jazz: Consists primarily of jazz technique.
Tap: Must consist primarily of tap technique.
Ballet: Classical ballet steps & movement.
Character Ballet: Ballet steps & movement portraying a character in either pointe or demi-pointe technique.
Pointe: Pointe toe technique in pointe shoes.
Modern: Should demonstrate balance, extension, isolation & control, using modern styles.
Lyrical: A combination of jazz and ballet. A routine which interprets the lyrics or musicality of a song. Usually set to ballad style music. Shows “clean, classic body lines” and solid “traditional” technique.
Contemporary: Strong ballet fundamentals with modern techniques utilizing strength, flexibility, alignment, breath,contraction, suspension, tension and relaxation while emphasizing artistic expression and unique choreography.
Musical Theatre: Must consist of one of the above dance forms and may contain lip synching – may portray a character. Please check our prop rule.
Song & Dance: 50% song, 50% dance, no pre-recorded vocals during the song section. If a microphone is used the setup, MUST be pre-arranged with the technicians. There may be a charge for this technical service. Rhythm Dance discourages the use of microphones. Please remember that a solo or duet/trio should not require more than 10 seconds setting up. These categories below may include more than 2 acrobatic or gymnastic movements.
Acro: Must consist of more than 5 acro tricks & gymnastic technique with dance moves, steps & choreography.
Open: Must be a combination of any of the above categories with a maximum of 5 acro tricks.
Hip Hop: A routine choreographed to urban music using free-style, hip-hop, funk or music video style dance.
National: A routine of national origin. e.g. Highland, Celtic.

Ages: Individual ages in all categories. For Duet/Trios, Quartets, Groups and Lines, average the ages and drop the decimal. Age is as of December 31, 2023.

Solo 1 2 Minutes 45 seconds
Duet/Trio 2 or 3 2 Minutes 45 seconds
Quartet 4 3.5 Minutes
Small Group 5-9 3.5 minutes
Large Group 10-15 3.5 minutes
Line 16 or more 4 Minutes
Extended Quartet, Group or Line 4+ Dancers 3.5-6 Minutes
Production 20 or more Max 6 Minutes

NO PROPS can be stored backstage. Building of props backstage will not be permitted. We discourage the use of elaborate props that require setup time. Only small props (chair, umbrella etc.) that can be carried on and off stage with dancers.
Time limits will be strictly enforced at the judges’ discretion, and a 1 mark deduction will be applied for every 15 seconds over time.

Music: Your music will be played by a technician. You need to upload all of your music through our online registration with Dance Bug.  Please bring a backup of all of your music on a USB. At the Sanderson Centre, music is played from FOH. Waterloo, Richmond Hill, Milton and Guelph all have music played from backstage.

Judge’s Critiques: Three qualified, professional judges will critique and record the dancers at each location using DRC Video Judge.

Entry Package: 
Entry information should be uploaded to 
Fees for all locations are due 4 weeks prior to the start date of each location. Fees DO NOT include TAXES, HST will be added on completion of your DanceBUG registration.

Cheques can be made payable to Rhythm Productions.   
Please mail to:
22 Zaduk Court

e-Transfers can be made to:
Please indicate in the message box: Your Studio Name, the Rhythm location & date you have registered for. Funds will be automatically deposited to the Rhythm account when sent.

1. Performance, Novice and Mini dancers who are having difficulty and leave the stage will be permitted to re-dance.  Dancers will still receive an award according to their score but are ineligible for overalls.  Junior, Intermediate and Senior Advanced dancers who choose to re-dance will not be eligible for placement in the category or overalls and will dance for judges’ comments only.  All dancers with technical difficulties can re-dance with no penalties at all.

There is no limit to the number of entries a studio may enter with the following exceptions:

2. Any routine winning a scholarship should have a studio representative present during the awards ceremony to receive the scholarship for that studio. Any dance that won a scholarship at Rhythm 2023 is not eligible for a scholarship in 2024.
A soloist may win a maximum of 2 scholarships, regardless of the number of high marks achieved with multiple solos.
4. Rhythm dance offers scholarships to the winners at Rhythm Dance with the understanding that these awards are scholarships for dance. These scholarships go to the studio to be used at the discretion of the studio director. In the case of solos and duet/trios, a scholarship should be used to support a student’s account to help cover the cost of lessons, costumes, choreography fees or entry fees.  As per definition of Scholarship…”a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement.”
5. INAPPROPRIATE MOVEMENTS, LYRICS & COSTUMING: Rhythm Dance promotes a family atmosphere suitable for all ages. Rhythm Dance requires that you edit music containing questionable lyrics or phrasing that would    be considered inappropriate. Choreography must also be suited for family viewing. Therefore, any choreography displaying acts of violence, social prejudice or overt sexual innuendo would be deemed inappropriate. A mandatory 10-point deduction will be reflected on the score sheets of any entries deemed by the judges as not suitable for family viewing including costuming or the playing of questionable lyrics considered inappropriate. Rhythm Dance reserves the right to terminate a routine at any point in the performance if necessary.
6. Rhythm Dance reserves the right to add or subtract days if warranted by the number of entries received. Rhythm Dance reserves the right to cancel a competition up to 14 days prior due to a lack of registration.
7. Rhythm Dance reserves the right to determine the amount of all cash awards based on registration, at its discretion.
8. General audience members will not be allowed to VIDEOTAPE, PHOTOGRAPH, or take ANY KIND OF REPRODUCTION. Rhythm Dance will have all videos and/or photographs taken by DRC Video Productions
9. There will be NO admission fee.
10. Competitors may not compete against themselves in ANY category. If a competitor has more than one routine in the same category they must move up an age category or change to a different discipline with one of their routines.
11. Rhythm Dance will not issue refunds for deposits. We will not issue refunds for entry fees once the schedule is sent out or be held responsible for sudden cancellation or time lost due to extreme weather, bomb threats, terrorism or any other extraneous circumstances. Rhythm Dance will not be held responsible for injuries, transmission of any infectious diseases including Covid-19, damage and lost or stolen property over the duration of the competition.
12. Rhythm Dance will not be held responsible for any additional fees incurred (i.e. Parking fees, parking tickets, etc.) by dancers, teachers, studio owners or any participants may encounter while attending one or more of the events.
13. Birth certificates are not required, but it is advised teachers have them available at the competition in case of a discrepancy. Failure to provide birth certificates upon request, before the conclusion of the event may result in disqualification for the dancer(s) in question.
14. Performances will be recorded for the use of judges’ critiques as well as for sales and advertising purposes.
15. Rhythm Dance reserves the right to use photographs of dancers taken at the competition venue for promotional purposes.
16. NO PROPS can be stored backstage. Building of props backstage will not be permitted. We discourage the use of elaborate props that require setup time. Use of small props (chair, umbrella etc) that can be carried on and off stage with dancers.
17. Stage lighting is set at the beginning of every Rhythm event and will remain the same for all studios for the entire competition.